Part II, Detailing the Deficiencies We Find

Standards of Practice for Texas home inspectors has changed as of February 1, 2009. This means a different set of rules for inspectors to follow in inspecting a house for you, but especially a raising of the bar across the home inspection industry. Also, inspectors will have a different form to fill out in reporting inspection findings.

In the new Property Inspection Report form, instead of reporting that a given item is “in need of repair” (a phrase that has been in wide use for a long time), inspectors will now list deficiencies. A deficiency can be a hazard, or a system or component that is not working properly, or an item that is in need of regular or ongoing maintenance.

“Deficiency” is defined as “A condition that, in the inspector’s reasonable opinion, adversely and materially affects the performance of a system, or component, or constitutes a hazard to life, limb, or property…” The Standards go on to say, “General deficiencies include, but are not limited to inoperability, material distress, water penetration, damage, deterioration, missing parts and unsuitable installation.” Deficiencies in the home are what Clients want to know from home inspectors. When folks are about to make a major purchase like buying a home, they want to know what might be wrong with the house. So, they hire a home inspector.

So, why would the language in the inspection process change? If something is in need of repair, why not say it is “in need of repair”? Well the short answer is: we can, and we will. But, if you think about it, not all the problems inspectors identify in a home inspection require repair. Some things are simply in need of upgrading or updating. Maybe this example will clarify. An electrical outlet in a kitchen of a 1975 home may be working just fine. But, as originally built, it would have had no ground fault protection provided. It was not required then. The electrical outlets don’t “repair,” they need to be upgraded, in order to properly protect the folks who use that kitchen from electrical shock.

At House Exam Inspection and Consulting, we’ve been letting you know about such things for years, way before it was required by the Standards. We serve our Clients and their home buying needs. We let you know what to expect if you buy the house we inspect for you. We’ll be honest and open with you. We work for you, and we don’t apologize for that. Buyers love us because we tell them what we see, and explain it in plain English. Realtors love us, because we don’t scare their clients with what we see. We explain things in a calm and rational way, so that folks have the facts they need to decide.

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Written by DFWinspector

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