We Help First-time Home Buyers Avoid the Money Pit

The home inspectors at House Exam Inspection have helped hundreds of first-time buyers avoid a “Money Pit”

Lots of things about being first time home buyers can be scary

We understand. And we want you know that the home inspectors at House Exam Inspection have helped hundreds of first-time buyers benefit from – even enjoy – their home inspection. Here is a portion of a review from Ephraim and Teresa C.

“We came across your company through a referral and also from research on your website.  We will definitely recommend you to our friends and family. We are very pleased with the services you provided and look forward to working with you in the future.  Thanks again for answering my million questions.  I’m sure one or two more may come up later down the road.” 

We understand the stress, not just as a home inspection company, but as home buyers ourselves – more than once. You are putting a lot of your hard-earned future money on the line.

Our professional real estate inspectors are prepared to help first-time buyers in the following ways:

  • We will spend more time with you.
  • We will explain more details to you.
  • We will give you more information.
  • We will show you safety features and devices in home.

Some of the typical ways we help first-time buyers include: showing you exactly where the gas and electrical shut off devices are located in case of emergency, talking about how to care for your foundation for peak performance, service intervals for your heating and air conditioning equipment, changing filters, batteries and timers, etc.

We’ll make sure you get the Maintenance Advice Checklist, and we will send you our Home Owner User’s Manual (with updates as we write them.) It’s all part of the same service we have provided to more than 3,000 families and households in our 8+ years of inspection service. And it’s a part of our commitment to make home ownership safer, more comfortable and more cost-effective. Nicci C. was one a first-time buyer. She was very pleased with how home inspection helped her get needed repairs.

“I just wanted to say thanks! Judy [the Client’s Realtor] was very impressed with you as well.
I also wanted to let you know the owner came into town and was to meet with an electrician and plumber today to fix everything- so we’ll see what the next few days hold. You will be top on my list!
I have to say, I know if this house is supposed to be mine it will work out. I struggle with the patience part, but this has been an incredible experience. The right people have been in place along the path to help me- you are included. Thank you. I have sent your info to a few friends who are looking as well.
Thank you again for your patience and honesty!” 

We Have Helped a Bunch of People Avoid a Money Pit

Folks, the “Money Pit” is real. We have found a bunch of them in our eight years doing home inspections. It happens every day in the real estate market. It happens most often when first-timers buy a house because of the way it looks on the outside, without knowing how the house functions, how it operates. It’s OUR JOB to tell you what we see, and explain it in a way you can understand. And we take our job seriously. For us, it’s a service we can perform for the public. And at least once a week, we find things that not even the home owner knows about a house. It gets a little hairy sometimes, but we stand our ground and tell everyone the situation.

Why? Certainly not because it’s popular. And, not because we’re experts. We do it because WE WORK FOR YOU. And YOU need to know before you decide.

So, don’t wait another second.

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