Fort Worth Home Inspection Client Brags on Our Service

When we sent the inspection report to this client in the southwest Fort Worth area, he sent this very fine report about his experience with one of our home inspectors:

Excellent!  Also let me say that Adam did an excellent and professional job during the appraisal.  Not only this but I asked him many questions about different items on the property and he took his time and explained in detail what it was and/or how it worked.  He taught me a lot of things and did it a professional manner. (P.Beck)

Adam Sedinger has been inspecting homes for our Fort Worth area clients since 2005.

Adam Sedinger - Professional Inspector

Professional Inspector Adam Sedinger, TREC #8894

His previous experience was with building and remodeling homes for more than nine years in Indiana and Texas. He knows homes, but more importantly, he knows how to talk to folks about homes. He helps them understand what’s critical as well as what’s just routine about home ownership. Like all our inspectors on staff, Adam is eager to help you know the home before you decide to buy.

Our entire inspection staff is dedicated to excellent service, done in a professional manner. We work strictly for our clients, and that’s a promise that we keep day after day, year after year. We are always willing to work with the real estate agents involved, but we have our clients’ interests at heart, and we answer to them only.

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