Latest Builder’s Warranty Surprise – A Wall Leak!

Last month we did a Builder’s Warrranty Inspection for a family in west Fort Worth. Initially, they were concerned about cracks in their brick and mortar, and in their drywall upstairs in the media room. Some of our Clients ask for a “Digital Elevation Survey” to provide a baseline “map” of their foundation. Our leveling equipment happened to be out of calibration on the day of the first visit. It was raining pretty heavily, so our Inspector (Victor) offered to tour the home, take a preliminary look around, and come back the following week, after the equipment could be calibrated properly.
Our Client showed Victor the drywall cracks, but Victor was more interested in an area where the drywall tape had been peeling and flaking off. Upon testing with the moisture meter, the spot was dry. They next went downstairs, below the same area, where an upper wall area, above the master tub, indicated a slightly elevated moisture reading. Victor began to instruct the homeowner how to take sample moisture readings for the next few days and make a chart. Meanwhile, the rain was becoming heavier outside.
He and Victor returned upstairs, where they were going to take baseline readings for their new chart. But, when they looked at the area again, there was a thin line of water running down the wall at the same spot. When Victor pressed the spot gently, two more rivulets of water began running down the wall. There was no need for additional moisture meter readings. Of all the luck, an evasive leak, which had been ongoing for at least weeks, appeared right in front of their eyes.
The Clients notified their Builder, who sent a repair person over to cut a hole in the drywall and find where the leak was coming from. The source of the rain water turned out to be a loose-fitting drain vent boot on the roof, which was allowing rain water to run down the PVC drain vent pipe behind the wall in this location. A hole was cut into the drywall at that location to allow the inside of the wall cavity to dry before repairing the drywall. All appears to be going well so far.
One question still remains: Will the Builder replace the water-damaged fiberglass insulation? Here’s the problem: When insulation becomes wet, it compacts, and its insulating efficiency is reduced. In addition, if water has become trapped behind the walls, will it develop mold? These are documented issues these Clients now have data to back up. In the future, if problems arise, the documentation exists for a historical record of issues, which were discovered before the Builder’s Warranty expired.

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If you, or someone you know has lived in a New home for less than a year, please contact us to schedule a Builder’s Warranty Inspection before the warranty expires. REMEMBER! That warranty will be worth nothing in the 13th month!

Written by DFWinspector

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