Fort Worth Home Inspection Clients Often Ask About “Watering a Foundation”

During our Fort Worth home inspections (and even in other North Texas areas), we get so many of our clients asking us about how to take care of their foundations. Many of them have heard the phrase “water your foundation,” or been advised to ask about “watering your foundation.”

Our North Texas soils are predominantly clay-based, and therefore, highly susceptible to the influence of moisture. As you learned in elementary school art class, clay expands when it gets wet and contracts (shrinks) when it gets dry. Most people don’t stop to think that the soil the slab is built on is part of the foundation, too. That’s where the phrase came from. “Water your foundation” means take care of the soil. In fact, a large percentage of foundation repairs are needed because folks did not pay attention to these changing soil moisture conditions.

So, how do you “water your foundation?”

We located a video, authored by R. Michael Gray, PE, an engineer down in the Houston area, who has come up with a good description of how to put together, and how to use a foundation watering system. Be prepared to take notes, and watch it all the way through, because, if you already are using a soaker hose, there are a few tips that can save your foundation from poor use of it.

Enjoy the video, and keep watching our website for more “Useful Information” on care for your home and property.

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