Vintage Home Inspections Like Arlington Heights and Berkeley – Our Specialty!

Vintage homes, like those in the Arlington Heights, Monticello, Fairmount, Berkeley and TCU sections of Fort Worth, are our specialty. As you can see from the business address of our Fort Worth home inspection company, Victor lives in a vintage home. We’ve inspected hundreds of pier and beam foundations. Yes, we are qualified to inspect it for you, maybe more qualified than most inspectors in the area.

More importantly, we know how to talk to you about what we find. No, it won’t meet modern building codes. You really didn’t expect it to, did you? But, if you like older homes, we know how to talk your language and be both sensitive and sensible about it. We’ll tell you if there is something dangerous or if it’s just old. And we’ll tell you what can most likely be modernized and what can’t. And we can spot a Money Pit, and protect you from buying it.

We love old homes. But we love our Clients, too. So, if you’re wanting to buy a home in the Arlington Heights, Monticello, Fairmount, Berkeley or TCU sections of Fort Worth, we’re your inspection company. Call us NOW at (817) 797-2462, or just book-an-inspection yourself 24/7.

Written by DFWinspector

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