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Our Fort Worth and Dallas area home inspection clients sometimes ask us to go back and re-inspect for repairs. While it is rather rare, there are times when it’s a good idea. A Dallas home inspection client recently asked us to go back and re-inspect a property. The Seller had agreed to lots of repairs — expensive repairs. The roof had been replaced, the heating and air conditioning systems had been replaced. Total repairs might have added up to $15K or $20K.

Kitchen drain leak found at the original inspection
Kitchen drain leak found at the original inspection

There were a couple of pretty serious leaks we found under the house at the original inspection. The photo to the left was of a leak under the kitchen drain. As you can see, it was not a small leak, and much of the water going into the sink above was flowing out into the crawlspace below. There was also a leak under the newly tiled shower, where the old cast iron drain hub was still installed and rusted through.

As inspectors, we don’t like to see water in the crawlspace. Mold and other bad things can develop. So it was natural that the Buyer would want us to go back and check on all the repairs, but especially the leak repairs.

Imagine everyone’s surprise when the re-inspection showed that no one had touched the drain leaks in the crawlspace.


No plumbing repairs UNDER the house
No plumbing repairs UNDER the house

Water was still pouring out of the PVC pipe under the kitchen, still pooling on the ground in the crawlspace. The old rusted drain was still in place and leaking under the shower. We called the Buyer to inform him and his agent of the issue, and the sparks began to fly. I got a phone call from the plumber asking for “clarification” of the problem. I asked, “Has anyone in your company been under the house while the water was running above?” He said, “Well I guess we should do that, but I just wanted to ask.”

We were contacted about a week later and asked to do ANOTHER re-inspection. This time the repairs had been completed in both areas. There was even a new tile floor in the shower and new drain plumbing underneath. Re-inspections are not the norm for us, but there are times when our clients are glad they asked.

Finally repaired

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Benbrook, TX Inspection Review

We were very pleased with your polite, sincere, and conscientious determination to do a complete and painstaking job on such a hot day. We will be happy to recommend you to anyone in the future. Thanks again.
Joy H.

Benbrook, TX Inspection Review
Fort Worth Home Inspection

As first time buyers, my fiancé and I were initially very nervous and unsure of the inspection process.
Adam took time to thoroughly explain the process and made simple recommendations as we walked through the house. He was very professional and patient with our questions!
The report was detailed and easy to read. We presented the home owner a copy to make negotiations- he commented how thorough it was and wished he used your services years ago when he first bought the home! We are very pleased and thankful for your services- happy to recommend you to friends and family.

Fort Worth Home Inspection
Review – Home Inspection Keller, TX

"We would like to commend Adam on the thorough job that he did at our home inspection.
“Adam found a very small leak that many people would have missed. When this leak was tracked down, it was determined to be either in or under the slab. Exactly what we did not want.
“We turned the house down.
“The value of your service was outstanding because it saved us many thousands of dollars, as well as the time and headaches it would have cost to repair the leak.
“We certainly will using House Exam for our future inspection needs."
D&D Property Mgmt.

Review – Home Inspection Keller, TX
Ft. Worth Property Inspection Review

Thank you for this unusually thorough inspection report. I’ve had a number of inspections run in Texas and California, but yours is easily the most thorough I’ve ever read. As an out of state purchaser, the inspection is that much more important since I can’t see the property first hand, and you have helped us significantly. If you ever need an out of state reference, I’d be very pleased to describe what a great job you’ve done for us.
Best regards,
Steven B.

Ft. Worth Property Inspection Review