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Part IV, Arc Fault Absent? So What?

Arc fault circuit interrupter (AFCI) protection is new enough that most brand new homes don’t have it in ALL the right places. So, why are Texas Inspectors being required to report them as a “Deficiency” in older homes? Because they are the newest form of home safety equipment. Actually, this question gets to the bottom … Continue reading Part IV, Arc Fault Absent? So What?

Aluminum Wiring – Hidden Hazard!

The burned and scorched outlet you see in this picture looked fine with the cover plate on. The power was even working when we plugged in our tester. So HOW DID WE FIND THE DAMAGE? We know how to look. Aluminum wiring in a house requires a specific inspection protocol that our Professional Inspectors know … Continue reading Aluminum Wiring – Hidden Hazard!